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In the Quiet Space

Learn MicroCalming
The ITQS Self-Calming Coping Skill

Peter presented at the Ist International Interdisciplinary Conference
at Oxford University in July 2015:
Exploring and Managing Silence [click to read more>>>]

ITQS staff teaches the self calming technique inside a Quiet Space, a special room or corner which we easily set up anywhere our clients choose.  In such a space, participants are gently guided, using a multi-sensory environment, to reach inner quiet and feel a genuine sense of security and calm. We have prepared Quiet Spaces in kindergartens, schools, afternoon care facilities for children, children’s hospital wards, child development centers, absorption centers and private homes.         

Hear the atmosphere In the Quiet Space
In the Quiet Space self calming practice disc.
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The ITQS Center offers:


Lectures   and

Drama Therapy
  • “I Need" In the Quiet Space
  • "Meaning in Search of Man"

The Birth of a Stone
A book from ITQS Publications written by ITQS Director, Peter Simon Mond describes a journey of discovery. At the age of 48 the author had a vision whilst on a family holiday in England.
 $19.99 Abroad including postal charges  
Click here to buy in Israel  (only 65 n.i.s) 
Book Reviews:

In The Birth of a Stone: A Journey of Discovery Peter Simon Mond leads his reader to the realization that “above” and “within” are synonyms.  The beautifully written meditations that go into this journey are divided into two parts: Connections and Reflections.” Read more …   
David Patterson, Bornblum Chair in Judaic Studies, University of Memphis, author ofOvercoming Alienation, Wrestling with the Angel, Faith and Philosophy.

The Birth of a Stone is an interesting and compelling book, in which Peter Simon Mond chronicles his personal spiritual journey. Mr. Mond shares not only the details and course of his journey, but also the insights and understanding he has acquired along the way.” Read more …
Rabbi Ari Kahn, Director of Foreign Students, Bar-Ilan University, author of Echoes of Eden, Emanations, Explorations.

“I have had the pleasure to read Peter Simon Mond's book The Birth of a Stone and found it to be a fascinating spiritual and physiological journey guided by Torah inspiration and concepts. Based on his own real life predicaments, this short but profound book represents dilemmas and challenges that every person faces and is thus very easy to relate to.” Read more …
Rabbi Arieh Trugman, Director,Ohr Chadash, author of Seeds and Sparks, Prophecy and Divine Inspiration, Becoming a Master of Time.