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In the Quiet Space
An experience of trust, security and quiet in your
community, home and workplace



The In the Quiet Space self calming practice disc is now available.
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ITQS staff teaches the self calming technique inside a Quiet Space, a special room or corner which we easily set up anywhere our clients choose.  In such a space, participants are gently guided, using a multi-sensory environment, to reach inner quiet and feel a genuine sense of security and calm. We have prepared Quiet Spaces in kindergartens, schools, afternoon care facilities for children, children’s hospital wards, child development centers, absorption centers and private homes. Read more>>>


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The Birth of a Stone

A new book from ITQS Publications

The Birth of a Stone written by ITQS Director, Peter Simon Mond describes a journey of discovery. At the age of 48 the author had a vision whilst on a family holiday in England. >>





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