The Key to Coping with Life’s Pressures
The Self-Calming Technique “Naim, Shaket, Ragua”

Life is very stressful that doesn’t mean we have to feel stressed

In this lecture we will explain how you can calm yourself and cope with life’s pressures in a different way.
Not after a rest, a drink, a cigarette, or watching TV, but by reaching an inner place of calm whenever and wherever you are.
The self-calming technique, Naim, Shaket, Ragua was developed by a group of professionals in the north of Israel and has been implemented in varied educational and therapeutic settings and by individuals and families.
Naim, Shaket, Ragua is not only an individual coping skill, but when practiced in a group setting such as a kindergarten, classroom, school, home, workplace, it generates a very positive emotional climate.

Lecturer: Peter Mond

For further details: 054-4957528